Painting your own dream — A story of a 3D Artist

“When you draw something, the tip of your pencil is from your heart”.

Be it an artist, or be it a designer, when one starts to draw, he draws from the heart. Knowing that 3D art is far from easy, this incredible story is to tell you that if you have a passion and if you are willing to put an effort into your dreams there’s nothing impossible for a would-be artist taking his own imagination as the guiding light.

Recently we asked one of our LiveRoomies, ED Ehelapola, a senior 3D Artist who is also an animator, compositor, and lead designer to share his story to shed some light on what it is to be like a 3D artist and how his journey flowed with shackles and barriers. And if you are wondering whether to decide on a career path in digital art and animation, this writing would be a starter’s guide.

The beginning

His passion for animated cartoons and films was from his childhood, but no access to formal learning due to lack of exposure to knowledge sources, mainly the internet. However, that did not prevent young ED Ehelapola from exploring the glorious world of cartoons and films and what exactly behind those creations.

ED Ehelapola as a young boy started drawing by observing the cartoon characters he encountered in TV shows and magazines. These were some freehand concepts he created based on his own style and color combinations and also depicting the characters based on his own interpretation of their behavior. Eranda believes that this early habit had later molded him as a 3D artist who could visualize things beyond the obvious physical representation. This he did without any formal guidance or training. Interestingly his favorite and most reproduced cartoon character during that time was Beast character in Beauty and the Beast movie by Disney (1991)

After his secondary education, ED Ehelapola was fortunate enough to be selected to join University of Worcester to follow a degree in Animation (BA (Hons)), Though it is not the best university for Art at that time, access to formal education and exposure to the entertainment industry in the UK, gave him a solid foundation for his future career.

The fascinating world of 3D Arts

While he was at the University of Worcester, he became fascinated with arts, and he said that it was the first time actually he enjoyed studying arts formally since he thought that animation is something only that can be done by computers.

Learning and surviving in a foreign country is challenging when you are especially struggling with culture. This did not deter young ED from getting into a fascinating world or studying arts. Surprisingly, the only things that he learned in the first year of university are about / Through this, as the very first lesson, he had learned that to become a 3D Artis, you need to be an observer of nature first.

His advice to the aspiring 3D artists “ Be prepared to learn on your own, to be directed, and learn to accept criticism and suggestions for improvements. Make the right decision at the right time either from heart or mind and sometimes both”

In order to improve the 3D content creation skills, ED followed a course titled Animation Master in Art. That extra boost had given the much-needed skills to convert realism into the image and establish himself in the industry as a novice 3D artist.

Into the real world of 3D Arts

Back in Sri Lanka, he had started his career as a professional 3D artist, and now working with LiveRoom as a Senior 3D Artist. Based on his own experience, his advice to up and coming 3D artists and enthusiasts is, “It may be hard to get your first job. Have patience, learn your industry. Build a strong foundation. Don’t think that technology is managing human, we have to manage the technology”

Entering the 3D content creation world is definitely one of the most fulfilling adventures that you could ever take. Here are some of his advice for you to step forward towards your dreams.

  • Step One — Familiar with traditional art and craft. Practice life drawing as much as you can. That would help to build confidence.

Diving into the works of various 3D works is one of the best ways to improve your own work, to spark creativity, and find inspiration in those visualizations. It’s important always to keep polishing your skills and push yourself to the limits because there will always be new things to learn and discover.

Always be bold to take a step toward what you desire. The failures and problems might manipulate you to change the path, but if you hustle it, the success is yours!!

That’s it! We hope his story will motivate someone who is considering pursuing his or her dream in the wonderful world of 3D art.

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On behalf of team LiveRoom, Put together by Charuni Horadhagoda.



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