Botnets attacks are mainly done by the troop of hackers where the owner will not have a single idea that he/she is being a part of the victim list. So far the Botnets are mainly categorized into five types based on Command and Control (C&C) channel. They are:

  1. IRC Botnet: IRC related botnets are made using a centralized system to monitor the victim in order to perform malicious activities and the targeted bots are controlled by the main C&C channel
  2. P2P Botnet: It’s done using P2P protocols and a decentralized system with a network of nodes which keeps it alive, with the attacked bots along with all relevant data transmission.
  3. HTTP Botnet: HTTP Botnets is a centralized system based structure and the attack is done using the HTTP protocol. As the C&C server, the bots use a specific URL and IP addresses mentioned by the main botmaster. Hackers use these attacks for thefts of financial purposes
  4. Mobile Botnet: This attack is done using the texting, Bluetooth services and some sharing activities using mobile phones. This is a way where the botmaster can easily access the data using the C&C Channel.
  5. Botnet Cloud: This is a major challenging task hence the botmaster creates and handles the bots using the cloud service so the bots are in a major risk where they could be identified.
Botnet Architecture

Overview of botnet

As everyone knows, hacking which is either a small one or a massive one, it can be harmful to the targeted victim.

IoT- Based botnets

Countermeasures to avoid IoT BOTNET :

  1. The network should have proper security measures.
  2. Should use a firewall and advanced way of login to access the data.
  3. There should always be a detection method when a malicious software or any authentication arrives.
  4. Blacklisting also can be a measure taken to avoid the suspicious activities and entries done to the websites to block them and avoid the traffic caused.
  5. All the system and loT devices should make the software patches perfectly with the up-to-date security software.
  6. Use Anti Botnet Tools.



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