February Update : Punching above the weight!

4 min readMar 1, 2019


An expansion of a clientele covering two ends of the globe.

Team LiveRoom

LiveRoom Join Hands With Socio Innovations, Japan on Real Time VR Technology

The two CEO’s, MR. Chameera Wijebandara of LiveRoom (left) and MR. Kamimoto Kunihiro of Socio Innovations (right) signs the official agreement.

LiveRoom was a part of the Outbound delegation organized by Exports Development Board of Sri Lanka for Japanese IT week spring 2018.

Being one of the companies to mark a successful trip, we met The CEO of Socio Innovations namely Mr Kamimoto Kunihiro, with whom we had productive discussions on VR domain specific project ideas.

Seeing the potential and the domain knowledge of LiveRoom, Mr kamimoto decided to visit Sri Lanka and LiveRoom in person within a span of two months for the first meeting.

Discussions were carried on, deeply in order to identify the feasibility of a 5G empowered real time VR communication concept which can be powered into a effective consumer product.

As a result, being a company passionate in developing innovative ideas into reality LiveRoom accepted the challenge to step into the waters and develop a POC for Socio Innovations.

Within a span of another two months since Mr Kamimotos’ first visit to LiveRoom, we were able to demonstrate a successful POC, marking a successful VR communication from Japan to Sri Lanka.

Inspired by the hard-work and passion put towards in building a successful outcome Mr Kamimoto decided to discuss further on the expected final consumer product.

Marking the success of the discussions and negotiations Mr Kamimoto re-visited Sri Lanka and the company to initiate the development.

LiveRoom within a successful year of on-boarding Socio Innovations to the ever growing clientele signed the final agreements to start the motor running in making the innovative idea into a reality.

And thereby, LiveRoom will make sure the best will be served for the project and is confident that this innovative idea would be a world wide consumer product soon as we too will assist Socio Innovations in doing so.

Mattias Söderholm’s Visits LiveRoom

Prominent Swedish Virtual Reality Artist Mr Mattias Söderholm who is also the Art Director of Circadian Rhythm VR developed for Nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine category visited LiveRoom. The CEO of Best of Sri Lanka in Sweden Mr Leif Ohlson introduced Mr Mattias to LiveRoom where we had a productive discussion on VR, 3D content creation and other related areas.

Mr. Mattias is known to be a front line graphic and 3D designer in the region of Scandinavia where he is a pioneer in contributing numerous designer projects. With more than 25 years of experience in the field he has founded a number of successful companies and also have played a major role in another few. Throughout his career he has displayed his talents to a vast number of high profile clients.

The visit is a part of LiveRoom’s vision in extending ties with the European market and its shareholders. During his visit, Mr Mattias worked closely with the LiveRoom team and exchanged his ideas and knowledge over the field of 3D designing, paving way to a number of new projects that he could work together with LiveRoom as a team.

When asked about the outcomes of the visit, Mr Mattias replied

“Need to do super nerdy stuff and I need people with a certain level of competency, like what LiveRoom brings to my projects. I am super impressed, especially with the coding. These are projects I can do myself, but I like having this team I can work with — and it come with no worries at all.”

LiveRoom has joined hands with Mr Mattias to what hopefully will be a long, successful journey filled with many interesting projects and collaborations for years to come.

To keep-up with more information on the collaborations and innovative projects as well as many more exciting news about LiveRoom, follow us and keep in touch.

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